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Nov 22, 2012 3:30pm EST
-- graham is definitely a prime mover of this campaign. but in his corps commanders, how they reacted, they very ably defended themselves against overwhelming numbers with a very skillful defense down to virginia. it would be kind of a balance put it. [applause] >> thank you. >> this is a little bit politically incorrect, but i was wondering about the actions of sheridan and what are considered war crimes now. >> war crimes? well, certainly what they did on the great plains would be war crimes. what they did in georgia in the shenandoah valley, i'm not so sure. they tried to save civilian lives. the purpose was to destroy resources and their ability to wage war. i think that would be arguable. but certainly a very good point. [applause] >> every weekend, booktv offers programming focus on nonfiction authors and books. watch it here on c-span2. >> i want to talk to you today about my book. strom thurmond's america. i want to begin by telling you a story. now, when you go and do research in south carolina, and you go into the archives and people ask what you're interested in writing ab
Nov 22, 2012 12:00pm EST
include the u.s. ambassador to liberia samuel as well as the reverend billy graham. they were ministers and mrs. johnson. the president of the johnson publishing company which published ebony and jet. in addition to the official meeting press conferences and speeches before political parties, the african treated pat and the team with a whirlwind of dinners and presentations. she took the responsibility very seriously. jewelry noted in the biography of her mother that she snuck away from the family activity to go over the briefing notes and organize the thoughts for the upcoming trip. the state department and the staff of the west wing prepared marks she went over there making changes where she felt necessary and highlighting points she wanted to emphasize. in liberia, she preesed her -- pleased her host by noting how impressed she was by the considerable development that occurred since the last visit in 1957. ghana, she traveled out in to the hills of a bury, to pay her respect to 83-year-old chief who she met during a vice presidential visit. he told here is he forged a friendship betw
Nov 22, 2012 6:45pm EST
. there was an oral history that was recorded in the 1940s by a woman named pearl graham who was trying to find information about -- and she went to find as many descendents of monticello slaves as she could. she actually recorded a number of interviews. in one of them, person said something that was very striking. she said that -- no,, it was he, mr. jefferson misuse large sums of money that had been given him for the benefit of the negroes. when i first read this, it really didn't make any sense at all. i didn't know what he could be possibly talking about and i thought it was something that was made up like people who are just angry about slavery and wanted to get back a jefferson. but then i found out that it was true. visiting philadelphia one time i was wandering with my family through society hill and we came to a house with a plaque that said this was the townhouse where the great polish patriot he rode the american revolution thaddeus had lived. so we went in there and right at the front there is a brochure entitled precious go and jefferson. i didn't know they had much of her relation
Nov 25, 2012 10:45am EST
that we are all publishers to respond a great communicator sugar tax. video because it do to them graham, that the only extra thought i had this i don't have, but a thought that contributes to the world does he talk about and that is what is the role and responsibility in delineation of the writer versus the person previous known as the reader? there is an inferred collaboration and conversation that was never the case before. you wrote it, you thought it or take it from someone else and then you wrote it and found it and ship the product at now with that. and maybe people talk about it. you get what they say. you don't know how many people said it. you don't know where you are wrong and you didn't have to face her critics. i get criticism all day everyday without asking because the nature of the web was that it. that's one person. everybody else loved it obviously. but there's an extra demand when you talk about the publishing industry and responsibility of a racer to promote indian conversation. maybe don't want to do that. maybe he really has said the last thing you want to say. this
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4